Prom; it’s arguably the most important night of your high school tenure and will create memories that last a lifetime. At Deluxe Limousine and Transportation, we understand the importance of prom night and the meticulous preparations that go into it, including the apparel, dinner plans, after-party arrangements and especially prom limousine services. For most teens, this will likely be their first ride in a limousine, and we want to ensure a fantastic first impression. That’s why our prom limo rentals in Houston, TX, are specially arranged for the unique needs of prom night.


Parents, we understand your concerns. Your teenager is embarking on a new experience, one that, while only one night, may have a profound impact on his or her future. We all know that many undesirable first experiences occur during prom, so we have taken protective measures to keep teens safe. Our chauffeurs are specially trained for the occasion, ensuring that prom attendees have a great time without crossing any boundaries. As such, we have a strict zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking.

Of course, we still offer complimentary nonalcoholic beverages and snacks for all prom limo services. Teens can also enjoy their favorite playlists along the way with our premium media center. LCD TVs are also included, allowing passengers to view a show or movie on the way and their favorite prom recaps while heading back. Naturally, we know teens can’t live without their WiFi, so we include wireless access with each prom limo rental upon request.


Looking for a few ideas to make your prom night even better? We can offer recommendations for fine dining restaurants in Houston. Or for a more festive night, we can suggest some of Houston’s hottest teen-friendly clubs for an after-party. And if a drive around the city is preferred, our prom limo services feature enough amenities to keep the party going on the road. With over ten years of experience, we know how to make it a memorable night both inside the limo and out.

At Deluxe Limousine & Transportation, we know that teens love spending time with their friends. We’re happy to drive groups of teens together, with the total number depending on the size of the limo rental. Extended length limos are available and allow even larger groups of teens to travel together comfortably. It’s a great way for teens to socialize and an even better way for parents to save money!


Teens, we want you to create keepsakes that last and have tailored our fine vehicles to provide the perfect backdrop for your prom night photos. The lighting can be easily altered to the optimal levels for your camera. We welcome and even encourage you to share prom pictures all across your Facebook, Instagram and favorite social media accounts. Remember, your chauffeur is happy to take as many group photos as you like (as long as it’s not on the road).


Many teens and parents spend months planning for prom. It’s so easy to get so caught up in some details that others are put aside until the last minute. Don’t let that happen with your limo rental. Bookings go fast, and you don’t want to be pulling up to your high school’s biggest night in the back seat of your parent’s car! Reserve your Deluxe Limousine and Transportation rental early to ensure availability.

We serve as Houston’s premiere prom limo service. We’re here to ensure your prom includes all of the stops and amenities you need for an unforgettable romantic night. To learn more about our services, or to plan your prom limo experience, be sure to give us a call. We’ll help you plan every step of the way and even offer a few suggestions in the process. And remember, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.