4 Reasons Why You May Want to Work With a Travel Agent

Are you about to book your next flight? Before you click the “book now” button, you might want to check with your friendly neighborhood travel agent. Travel agencies still exist — and, in fact, they offer some of the best deals for flights and hotels. Here are just a few reasons why they may be preferable to booking on your own.

1. Travel Agents Have Discount Rates

Whether you’re booking through a third-party website or the hotel itself, you’re usually getting the same rate. There is only one rate that most hotels and airlines offer, regardless of where you book. But travel agents are different because they book a bulk amount of rooms and space at a better rate — a rate they can pass on to you.

2. Travel Agents Give Advice

No matter how seasoned a traveler you are, there are locations you just don’t know about. Travel agents can give important and timely advice — such as letting you know that a particular area is currently experiencing health issues, or that a specific area is much cheaper. Some travel agents may even be able to educate you on the normal traffic conditions!

3. Travel Agents Are Faster

Sometimes you just don’t want to have to worry about making your own reservations. By creating a trusting relationship with an agent, you can simply call and say “I need to go to Dallas on Friday.” And then the agent will make it happen — all while ensuring that you have the most convenient travel plans at the best possible cost.

4. Travel Agents Can Provide Additional Services

Travel agents think of everything — and they know what’s available. Do you have special concerns, such as needing a business center, or requiring accommodations for a disability? A travel agent will already know exactly what services to arrange in advance and which accommodations are most suitable for you. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to comb through reviews or contact multiple hotels and services to ensure that everything is set up for you.

Of course, for things that you need often — such as car services — it’s best to book directly so that you can foster a relationship with a company. But for one time trips, a travel agency is often cheaper and easier. Call Deluxe Limousine for your ride—we are expertly trained in every aspect of ground transportation and are happy to help you.